Our Services


De-CLUTTER: $199

We have all heard about the benefits of a good purge. We know letting go of items that are no longer useful to us will help simplify our lives; yet, we hold on to these items for many different reasons. We might have sentimental attachment or we might just not know where to start. I believe that listening to client’s needs is the first and most important aspect in the decluttering journey.  Be it the closet full of clothing, boxes full of documents, or a bursting basement, (you get the picture), I am here to help you, without judgement, on your decluttering journey. The De-clutter package includes:

  • 4 hour package
  • Working with client to de-clutter space
  • Taking small donatable items off premise
  • Arranging for sale of items
  • Arranging for garbage disposal of larger items (additional charges may apply)


Organizing your house can be tough and finding a system that actually works for the long haul can be even harder. Have you ever reorganized a room, only to have it become a cluttered mess a few weeks later? Or, ended up with an even bigger mountain of stuff after you attempted to purge? Let me help you. I have developed efficient organizational systems for my own family, friends and clients. I have helped busy parents take their house back from a toy invasion through well designed systems that work for parents and their children. I have helped clients turn their “dumping grounds” into functional spaces. Designing a fluid kitchen system gives me great delight. Organizing homes is a sincere passion of mine. I would be thrilled to assess your space and develop a clear plan to set up organizational systems to make your house the most functional. The Organize package includes:

  • 4 hour package
  • Assessment of space and plan design
  • Clearing and prepping of space
  • Setting up organizational systems (does not include sourcing and purchasing)
  • Organizing and putting away of items
  • Labeling when necessary

MOVING: $599

The sheer magnitude of moving your house is beyond overwhelming. My family has moved houses a number of times and being a mother of four young children, I had to have a strong attack plan. Let me help you take some of the stress of moving away. The Moving package includes:

  • 8 hour package
  • Organizing items with the client into the following categories:  For sale, donation, toss and pack.
  • Box and label items by room
  • Provide client with an itemized list of contents
  • Take small donatable items off premise
  • Unpack at next location (if local)
  • Includes 40, 18 x18x18 boxes (additional boxes can be purchased)


Thoughtfulness and planning are essential considerations in the downsizing process.  Sorting through a lifetime of treasures can be somewhat staggering and certainly overwhelming.  Whether you’re downsizing into a smaller dwelling or transitioning into retirement living, I am here to help. The Downsizing package includes:

  • 16 hour package
  • Organizing items into the following categories:  For sale, donation, toss, keep
  • Arrange for the sale of items
  • Taking small donatable items off premise
  • Arrange for pick-up of larger items
  • Arrange for garbage disposal for larger items (additional charges may apply)
  • Pack entire dwelling
  • Label boxes by room with itemized list of contents
  • Unpack at next location if local
  • Includes 50, 18 x 18 x 18 boxes (additional boxes can be purchased)


Do you need help getting your house ready to sell? Presenting an organized, open, and clear space to potential buyers will not only help you sell your house faster but get you started on your own packing process. I will help you create a neutral, clean and clutter free space that will help attract buyers. The Pre-Market Decluttering package includes:

  • 3 hour package
  • Decluttering all visible spaces
  • Working with or without the client
  • Packing and labeling boxes
  • Creating an itemized list of contents
  • Storing boxes discreetly on site
  • Assisting in further prep for property listing ie. hiring painters
  • Includes 15, 18x18x18 boxes.  (Additional boxes can be purchased)


Dealing with the passing of a loved one is extremely difficult and adding the stress of clearing their dwelling can be utterly overwhelming. The grieving process can often be pushed aside in order to deal with getting your loved one’s estate in order. I understand how hard it is to mourn your loved one while trying to organize their estate, decide what should be kept, who should keep it, and what should be donated or discarded. KlearInc aims to ease this burden placed on family and loved ones by working directly with the Power of Attorney to develop an estate clearing plan. Some items included in the Estate Clearing service are:

  • Organizing items into the following categories:  keep, sell, toss, donate.
  • Arrange for on or off site  auction for  the sale of all items.
  • Remove all donatable items from site to give to local charities and donation centres
  • Arrange for garbage disposal of large items
  • Create an itemized photo log of all keepsakes and furniture for family members
  • Prepare house to be put on the market (if desired).